Yoga & Creative Processes

Together with promoting health and wellbeing, regular yoga practice supports creative expression as well. When you’re used to standing on your head peacefully or twisting your body into strange shapes, it has an effect on your brain and your sense of self.




The Right Brain

According to Edward A Dreyfus, Ph.D. The two hemispheres of the brain play different roles. The left brain, governing language, logic, critical thinking, numbers etc. The right brain interprets the world more holistically, associated with intuition, creativity, spatial awareness, expressing & reading emotions, etc.


Being creative requires both kinds of perception. As any creative knows, beautiful work is made with the help of both a big-picture aesthetic sense as well as attention to detail. Yoga helps to balance the two hemispheres.


Practicing yoga rewires the brain for innovative thinking.

Body Wisdom - Biotesegrity
Tensegrity, an architectural term, defines as a balance of discontinuous compression elements, which are connected by continuous tension forces, which allow any system to exist in balance (an arch for example).

Biotensegrity is research from the past 30 years, look at tensegrity in living forms, the human body - for example. A fascial matrix and muscles form the system of tension and the bones float within the matrix creating relationships of discontinuous compression that connect through the whole system. besides the therapeutic impact of that approach to reduce stress and trapped emotions, it means your body already understand architecture and creative concepts intuitively from the structural to the cellular level, you just need to access this knowledge.

Stretching Creative Expression 
Do your practice and all is coming. Sri K Patthabi Jois

The more you practice, the better you get, the more you experiment, trust and step out of your comfort zone, the better the result.



The practice of mindfulness reduce stress, increase wellbeing and happiness and promote innovative thinking or the thought processes that generate and explore creative ideas. The synchronization of breath and movement brings focus and clarity. ​​

Balance emotions and connect to your authentic self

Many of us through the stress/traumas of life have drifted away from our authentic selves. According to Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, fear is the most common impediment to creative expression. This thief of joy can stop us before we’ve even attempted to express ourselves.


The practice of yoga helps release stress and trapped emotions held at a cellular level. The more you heal your body and nervous system and come to a place of inner calm, the greater your connection with your true feelings, ideas, and creative expression.



Many creatives, stay in the same position for hours, mostly in front of a laptop, a simple yoga practice releases the emotions, stress, and contortions of the body, easing, stretching and bringing the body and mind back to balance.

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Here and now is where yoga begins. Yoga Sutras

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A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


'Biotensegrity model of fascial continuum. The picture shows a model of a man sitting in perfect balance, reflecting the concept of tensegretive continuity.' click for the full article.

My favorite asanas to support the creative process are few rounds of Sun Salutations which always connect me back to my center, and Halasana, which stretches my spine and I can hear my breathe & heartbeats- Listen