Mindful Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Online Workshop
for Yoga and movement Teachers

16-17/10 3pm-5:30pm (SGT) / 10:00 - 12:30 Israel

While teaching a student who has suffered from interpersonal trauma, be aware of the deep effect of the trauma on the body. 


In cases of complex trauma, mental health professionals largely agree that the body itself contains and manifests much of the suffering-pain,  self-hatred, shame, and fear.

How can yoga and movement teachers assist?
Working with the body has the potential to uncover and release deep trauma or bring existing trauma to the surface. It would be helpful for you, a yoga teacher to be aware of students who suffer from PTSD to support and hold a safe space for them under your guidance.

In this workshop, we will explore

  • What is trauma and how it could be manifested in the body?

  • What are the key signs to notice

  • How to build your safe-protocol with new students and how to build a safe relationship with existing students

  • How to observe the body and individual’s movement pattern

  • How different poses affect the mental/ emotional state

  • If, how, when and where to use hands-on adjustments

  • What to consider before guiding - ‘Close your eyes’, long savasana, Yoga Nidra or guided meditation

  • Identify your boundaries as an individual & teacher, and when to refer the student to professional help

  • Explore restorative yoga sequencing and cues.

“Teach what is inside you, not as it app


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Normal rate: $200



Space is limited.

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