Health benefits of Yoga

Yoga  is a great way to create balance while working on flexibility and strength.

EveryBODY, can enjoy its benefits regardless age or flexibility.

It is never too early or late to start.

Researches show that after 8 weeks of consistence practice the student might start to notice some changes and some of the benefits of the practice.

Posture and body awareness. When you're stronger and more flexible, your posture improves. Most poses develop core strength, since core muscles are needed to support and maintain each pose.

With a stronger core, you're more likely to sit and stand in the natural form.

The way we carry our body is a manifestation of the way we perceive ourselves. Yoga works on body mind connections through poses awareness, by it nature it will affect the posture and self image.

Flexibility Yoga poses work by stretching the muscles, soft tissues and joints, as a result it increases the range of motion of the joints and can help move better and feel lighter, less tiered and stiff.

Strength There are 3 types of skeletal muscles; Yoga poses works on the 3 types of muscles:

(Image source: Engineering Health, NYU)

Yoga poses works on all 3 types, therefore strengthen the core of the body.


In yoga asana practice both inhalation and exhalation are from the nose. Breathing from the nose increase Oxygen absorption to the blood. Moving with the breathe with correspondence to natural breathing movement and patterns, increases lungs capacity and blood circulation, therefore, practicing yoga with breath awareness affect most parts of the body and reduce the level of stress hormones as a result.

This list highlights only few general benefits of most practices. Many more benefits could be shown while working with experienced teacher on a personalised practice.

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