How yoga could help in case you experience imbalance.

Through the practice of yoga, we learn how to make space to uncomfortable situations and to notice their impermanent nature. This notion is part of the practice so naturally, it takes time to adapt (as in any practice).

Some many notices their practice or lifestyle requires adjustment to support their wellbeing.

Ayurvedic Doshas is a great tool to understand the individual's constitutions, which is the natural-born tendency and preferences, and characterize the body and the mind.

Each of us has a different balance of the three doshas, with one or a combination of two dominants.

Kapha (earth & water) - Material force (structure and stability) Pitta (fire & water) - Chemical force (transformation) Vatta (space & air) - Mechanical force (movement)

When there is a change, either mental (changing work, expanding the family, relocation etc) or physical, (hormonal, disease, increase/ decrease of the level of stress, insomnia, etc), it brings the body out of balance, and time is required for the body to regulate itself and adjust to the new state, sometimes it require change of lifestyle and habits in order to adjust to the new..

This imbalance reflects in the doshas by enhancing the dominant element, and in case there is a combination of two, there will be a tendency in both directions.

Vatta- prone to anxiety, depression (or mood changes) Pitta - a tendency to stress, anger, hot flashes Kapha - a tendency to gain weight, physical and mental heaviness, insomnia.

Yoga and lifestyle modifications could support in balancing the elements in order to improve the quality of life. During changes, be aware, listen to your body, observe your experience.

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